Weekend went as planned, despite some on the fly adjustments

When it was all said and done, everything I had planned for the weekend happened, just not as I planned or expected. Kim got the kids to help her Friday afternoon in getting the basement ready, thus completing one major project. I stumbled into an interesting new approach to watching football. We had our game on Sunday afternoon instead of Friday night. And we all enjoyed a special walk on Sunday morning.

Kim apparently put the boys to work on Friday afternoon, and got all the tools and stuff sorted and out into the shed. Which made the room ready for role playing. And also completed our basement clean up project from last weekend. Which did mean that I didn’t have to do any of it, thus getting out of a project. Which was nice.

However we did not play on Friday night. And in fact will not plan on playing on any more Friday nights, unless the boys have Friday off. Because the boys were just too wired and energized after a week of school. Not that they were difficult or anything, it was just clear very early on that they wouldn’t be able to focus and play. So I cancelled the game, and originally though about just not playing for two weeks. But after some discussion decided to have the game Sunday afternoon, which went much better (even with a player down) and falls more in line with my goal to minimize the football influence.

Over the course of the weekend I may have watched a couple of hours of football. But I did not watch an entire game, and I don’t think I even watched an entire half, instead just watching bits and pieces of games. I did follow games online, checking scores etc. but did not fall into the trap of getting sucked into watching entire games. And I accidentally ended up watching the ends of several different games, in most cases thrilling victories/agonizing defeats. Which was actually a far more interesting approach to take. Watch the scores, check in on games periodically, and then tune in for the last 30 minutes of viewing time, certainly a better use of my time. We will see how that goes and continues the rest of the season, I can certainly feel the gravitational pull of the game.

2015 Komen Race for the Cure 

Last week Kim suggested that we ought to do the Komen Race for the Cure as a family again this year. Which I agreed to do, walking of course as my feet cannot do running. And it is a worthwhile cause overall, even if the leadership is sometimes shaky. So we all got together and went, getting up early Sunday. We met up with T and a niece and nephew, and ended up doing it in 3 parts. Jimmy ran the entire race, finishing the race at around 29 minutes (very proud of him, and if something ever happens that puts him off wrestling than long distance cross country running would be a good alternative.) Kim & T took the boys, Emily and a cousin along with them, and I fell back and walked with a friend from work.

I wanted to do the race for two reasons. First, after my cousin’s wife passed away from breast cancer it it has become a bit of a family cause. Second, my work friend is very inspiring and I wanted to join her and help her finish. She has lost a lot of weight recently, and just this summer walked her first 5K, and when she signed up for this I wanted to be there with her. Coaching and talking with her, keeping her moving. It felt real good to do that and be there for her. I took a number of pictures, and so did Kim, and while a number of them have already made their way to Facebook I wanted to share the full album here.

It was a full weekend, not mentioning two shopping trips, some nice down time for me, and a sleepover for Jimmy. But it was full of fun, relaxation, and worthwhile events. And my head keeps behaving itself and keeping a decent level of mellow.


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