Now that is more like it

Actually worked from home yesterday, with no technical difficulties, and it was very refreshing. Today is Friday, the opening of the NFL season, and it is almost like it isn’t happening. Some good things are on tap for the weekend, should be a fun time. And the long four day week is coming to an end.

In the past when I worked from home it was more because I had to, a child was sick, or there was a problem at the house, or an emergency. But I thought I would give it a try this week as way to get away from the office, and be in more control of things like my music. And it was very refreshing actually. I was busy, took a number of calls, sent e-mails, etc. all kinds of work related things. But being alone at the house for nearly 7 hours was just a very nice break for me. All that alone time was a good mental break. So I will be making this a regular, weekly thing, probably on Wednesdays (as those are Cub Scout nights, and Kim needs my help getting everything ready for that and dinner at the same time.) I am definitely looking forward to it.

We are having a Football kick off celebration at work today, forcing me to drag out my Broncos jersey. But really it feels like any other weekend to me. I checked in on the score of the opening game last night while watching other shows. But it is not anything like years past. I am not letting the football schedule rule my schedule, and while I will watch on Sunday, it will be more as a casual, this is interesting, past time, like any other TV show. Treating it the way it should be: a fun, diverting, reality TV show. Not a be all, end all focus of my life.

This weekend I have some fun things on tap. Tonight is the boys D&D game. We are getting close to the end of the Pathfinder game, and I am setting things up for an Epic ending. Sunday morning bright and early we are all getting up as a family and going to walk in the Komen Race for the Cure. Well Jimmy might run it, but the rest of us will be walking. It feels good to do it, knowing the money does go to a good cause. And I also get to be there as a cheerleader for a friend of mine. And I am also hoping to get more work done on the big project we started last weekend, getting all the tools sorted so we can get them out to the shed.

And this week is coming to an end. There is an interesting phenomenon with short weeks. They seem to feel longer than regular weeks. Even though they are not. And considering the work I do does not operate on a piece by piece process or follow any weekly deadlines, it is not really any different. And of course for the kids it is just a short week. And yet it somehow always feels longer mentally.

Either way, the week is done, I have some fun things on tap for the week to look forward to. And I am mentally refreshed from a day working at home. A far cry from last weeks problems and feelings.


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