Started rough, but then everything went great #MentalHealth #Family

Okay, I left work early on Friday to deal with the anxiety attack brought on by the unexpected change in work circumstances. But from there everything else went great. Kim and I (with help from Jimmy) were able to get a major project 90% done. Then we spent the afternoon playing with craft projects. Sunday we had a family cookout that was a good time, and very relaxed. Monday Jimmy went off with friends, so Kim and I did some more projects with the little ones. All in all it was a very good weekend, and just what I needed to recover from Friday.

Music is my go to background, calming influence. It is just what I rely on. So, on Friday morning when I figured out that my access to all of my music I had had access to for several years was gone, without any warning, I was thrown for a major loop. Plus there were some work concerns that I won’t get into here. What really matters is that I ended up having a major anxiety attack, just could not function for a time.I ended up leaving work early, and going home and just unwinding my brain, and not doing much of anything. Which is just what I needed to return to normal.

Saturday morning Kim and I tackled a major project that we had been putting off for a while. The back room of the basement had become a serious mess. Cluttered, full of crap, and everything was really disorganized. Plus there were some things in there that just had to go away due to water damage from the flooding. Kim and I (with Jimmy’s help for lifting as needed) were able to get it all cleared out and cleaned up. And then we did the same with the back yard shed. All that is needed now is to organize the tools, get a lock for the shed, and then move the tools out there. It felt good to get all that done.

I took Danny to his appointment, where he talked some about his own anxiety issues and not going to school. And Kim took Emily shopping for some stuff. Then when we all got home we got started on various projects. Kim helped Emily figure out how to get started on making friendship bracelets. And Danny worked on his room for a little while. Then we all worked on doing some tie dying of some shirts and socks. That was a lot of fun (brought back memories of doing that at my hippy primary school.) And everyone is happy with the final results. I managed to capture some of the work and final results in a Photo Album. It was just a great day.

Sunday we had a family cook out. I would have invited more friends, but I knew that a lot of them were going to a different one way out east of town. So it ended up not being a huge crowd (we had more than enough food.) But we made the most of it. The little ones had a great time with an invented game. We had unearthed Danny’s box of Bionicle figures while cleaning out the back room, so they were making figures and then taking them on the trampoline to see whose figures handled the bouncing the best:

Bionicle test

Bionicle test

Meanwhile the rest of us dragged out the yard games to play, indulging in some ladder ball and cornhole. That was nice. One of the differences between Kim’s family and my family is that with the smokers around people kind of have to go outside and do outside stuff. As a result they are more prone to get out and play outside.

Enjoying some yard games

Enjoying some yard games

The day ended on a sour note for Danny, who has take a real beating the past couple of days. On Friday he crashed his bike, getting a serious scrape on his palm and elbow. And on Sunday, towards the end of the day, as they were all getting off the trampoline, he took a major fall. Apparently the slide they use to get on and off slipped, taking him with it, resulting in him smacking the side of the trampoline face first. He was staggered, with a bloody nose, fat lip and some bruises, but no major damage.

Recovery ward

Recovery ward

Monday, Jimmy, having recovered from last weeks illness, went up to Elitch’s Gardens for the day with buddies. Which left us with the little ones. we all went to see Ant Man. Then had lunch, went and picked up some more craft supplies, and a couple of hermit crabs for Danny (who wants to try and keep them going and alive again.) And then home for some more serious down time. It was another relaxing day.

One funny anecdote from the weekend. At the family reunion this summer I took up the practice of having a beer at the big gatherings, in place of soda. And now that I have completely given up soda I was trying to figure out other options. Well on Saturday afternoon, while Kim was picking up pizza for dinner, I went and picked up a six pack of good beer. Just to have one around as an option on summer evenings. As we were walking home Emily asked what I was doing with beer. I told her they were for me to drink. First she told me that I shouldn’t drink all of them that night, when I told her that I only planned to have one that night she said that was good, and I wasn’t allowed to have more. Then when I was joking about that Jimmy piped up, saying that I was limited to 2 a week. I just thought it was funny that the kids were so concerned, despite the fact that they have never even seen me drink, or spent much time around people who were drinking. Just to be clear, I only plan to ever have one or 2 a week anyway, I know my limits.

All told, it was a great weekend. And just what I needed to get my mind back where it needs to be for the new way that things will work at lunch. I have my work around in place for now. And it is all good.


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