Saw this coming, time to work

Danny stayed home yesterday from school, thought he had a stomach bug. Well by the afternoon he apparently wanted to play with his friends, but was back to not feeling well at bed time. And this morning the stomach pain was there, with no other symptoms, so I let him stay home, but told him that tomorrow it is back to school. And he will have to sit down with Grandpa this afternoon to do some reading and writing.

But it is clear that the real work with the therapy starts now. I talked to his teachers at school today, let them know what is going on and let them know that he is seeing a therapist. And I told him this morning that he will have to talk with Mr. Pat on Saturday about this. Because he has to find a way to cope with those anxieties and go to school, he cannot just skip school.

One interesting thing, when I was explaining this to his teacher she said she didn’t think they were putting much pressure on him. And I tried to explain that as someone with the same issues it doesn’t take much to trigger anxieties. And she tried to say she understood, her husband had that same ‘engineer brain’. And I really had to stop myself from trying to stop and tell her it is not an ‘engineer brain’ thing. That this  goes beyond just a personality type. It was a real trigger for me that I had to move past myself.

Anyway, the important thing is that we know that the real hard work of therapy will start now. Before, life was pretty much okay for him. He hadn’t had any real bad episodes. But this is a serious attack, and it is time for him to work with someone to get at this and really figure out how to cope and fight past it. I am actually glad it happened this early in, because it is something that we can all work on and from as a starting point.

It doesn’t help that James is still sick himself, I am sure that some of Danny’s feelings come from seeing his brother stay home. It is different of course, James has a very delicate digestive system, it is just the way he is. And even if he is eating right all the time, if he gets even a touch of a bug it seems to hit him like a load of bricks. The same thing used to happen to him with strep throat before his tonsils were removed, he didn’t just get sick, he got real sick. I think that is something I may need to bring up with his doctor the next time he has a check up.

And in the midst of this, Emily just soldiers on. Happily going to school. And so far not even a sign of her normal runny nose that seemed to happen every year at this time. At least one of the kids has a normal health history.


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