Just as predicted, if a little early

Two boys home sick today. As I said, once the routine of school should be getting established the wave of sickness would come. This is a little earlier than I expected, but it is what it is. Also realizing how much I was driving myself crazy.

Last week Jimmy came home early on Monday, but I think that was just a result of junk food grazing and a late night. This week he also did not want to go to school, and ended up coming home at lunch time. But he clearly was not feeling better after some rest, and could not hold down any food. And then Danny began exhibiting similar symptoms. So today both boys are at home sick, under orders to not watch computer videos or anything like that, to just rest. Of course I have no way to police that, but I can hope. And hopefully a day of rest will allow things to return to normal.

As the school year begins to kick in, which means school year sleeping patterns, I am beginning to realize something. Last year I was literally driving myself crazy. Trying to get up super early for running/walking, which meant trying to get to bed early, which did not always work. So I was almost intentionally depriving myself of sleep. Which is not good. This year, with things working smoother with the kids, and having surrendered to the inevitable by not trying the early morning exercise, I am feeling much better mentally and emotionally.

And I am slowly taking steps to improve my health just through diet at this point. It has been over 3 months since I had any caffeine. And I am on week three of no soda and reduced sugar intake. I am taking this slow, gradually removing things from my diet that are not ideal. I know that cold turkey on all the junk food would not have worked, but this slow process is working so far. I am enjoying life without caffeine. And cutting the soda has not been as hard as I thought. It is interesting how my eating habits change without the tyranny of the combo meal. And that is all I am focusing on for now, cutting soda, and reducing other sugar. Maybe in a few months I will take on something else.

Really it is a matter of mind and body, working together. While I was physically in as good a shape as I have ever been when I was running, I was gradually driving my mind nuts. And for the preceding 40 some years before that I was mostly just operating in ignorance of what I was doing overall. But now I can work on both at the same time, with a healthier whole world approach.


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