All the boxes checked for the weekend

Productive? Check that off, got some of the needed work done. Fun? Check that off as well, for a variety of fun activities. Relaxing? Yes, took advantage of a long weekend to recharge some batteries. Really it was everything that I had hoped and wanted from the weekend.

We borrowed Dad’s lawn mower and mowed the front lawn, could have done more on the yard than that, but I didn’t. Kim got all the laundry done as normal. I helped her get the Scout stuff she wanted to get to help her get organized and ready for the new scouting year. And we kept the house more or less under control, and primarily ate home cooked meals throughout the weekend. Basically, we got done what needed to get done.

Friday night when I got home we played with the kids for a while, Kim had gotten Danny and Emily riding their bikes on their own, without training wheels so I went out and watched them practice. I read a short book series that nice, which also helped me with some ideas for my upcoming Boys role playing game. Sunday Jimmy and I had our Denver game, which was again a lot of fun, And when I got home Kim and I enjoyed the new episode of Fear the Walking Dead. And Monday Kim and I enjoyed some time alone, not doing anything special, just running errands together.

Overall I got some good down time, recharging my batteries and enjoying time with Kim. I think the kids had some good times as well, Jimmy got in some good friend time both weekend nights, as well as the game in Denver. Danny went over to the baseball game again with Kim, this time for the full sleepover experience. In general everyone had a good time and mostly got themselves recharged for another week of school.

Danny has a new way of expressing stress and anxiety. Now it is chest hurting, and claims of having trouble breathing. I mentioned this to the therapist on Saturday, and Danny said he liked the session. It is still early on that front, and early in the school year so it will take some adjustments. But as long as I remain focused on just accepting his anxieties, comfort him, encourage him, and make sure he gets the help he needs he should be well.

Jimmy did get strike one on the year for illnesses. When he woke up Monday he was not feeling well, tired, and complaining about stomach issues. He ended up coming home early from school as a result. There were two factors at work there. First, he did some serious junk food grazing Sunday at the game, something I can help him control, make sure to bring some healthier foods for him to snack on. Second, he snuck the computer down to his room and undoubtedly stayed up late Sunday night playing computer games, which led to the tiredness. That is easily remedied in the future by making sure that the computer stays out of his room at night. And I let him know that if he gets sick the day after the next Denver game that will be the end of his playing in that game, which should be additional incentive.

For me, the only real notable event was Saturday night. I was home, with full control of the TV with Kim & Danny gone. So I began watching the Broncos game. And got so bored with it that I barely made it past the first quarter before turning it off and watching something else. Which I take as a good sign, being able to just turn off football is a good thing, resisting the temptation to get into it.


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