Now this, this will be a cool weekend!

I mentioned before how one of the keys to life is to have things to look forward to do. And not just looking forward to states of being (i.e. being drunk.) But looking forward to doing things. All I really need in life is to have some things that I can look forward to. And that is what I have this weekend.

Tonight will be an uneventful night, just another Friday night. And then tomorrow I will get some yard work done, cannot put it off any longer, I now have access to a lawn mower so I just have to get it and get some stuff done. And I will have the teenager itching for some physical labor to keep building himself up to help. Then Kim and Danny will be off for the night to watch baseball again, while I get an evening at home with Emily and Jimmy, possible watch a little football, maybe rent a movie who knows.

But then Sunday is my Denver game again. Every 4 weeks just seems to take so long some times! But I get to go this weekend, with Jimmy, and I am really excited for it. The drive is a nice time with Jimmy to talk role playing and other stuff. And then the game itself. That is the piece de resistance!

And that is exactly what I mean when I mention the joy of having something to look forward to. If I can fill my life with these things I will be good. The boys game every other week, the monthly Denver game, that pretty much fills up my plate with role playing events. In between I have my books, writing for the games, and music. And then on the off weekend I need to make it a point to do something with Kim, and I will be overflowing!

Today is also Friday, the end of the firs ‘week’ of school ( I put week in quotes because it was not a full 5 day week for any of the kids.) And I can say that at least from my perspective that it was a great week. The morning were smooth, the dinners were relaxed, and the evenings went well so far. The new plan and schedule appears to be working as far as delegating certain tasks to the kids, like making lunches. So I would say it was all a successful start.

Except for Danny, who has found a new way to express his anxiety. The pain that was in his tummy has moved to his chest, leading him to declare that he is having trouble breathing (and then a minute later jumping around with no problem.) I have been supportive, encouraging him, giving him hugs, encouraging him to breathe. And telling him to think about all the things he can tell Mr. Pat on Saturday for his appointment. I pretty much new that this would happen, that his anxieties would arise after a week of school, so it is not a surprise. I am just glad he now has a planned outlet with someone who can help him understand and cope.

Yeah, the week went well, no hiccups over the beginning of school. And I have something to look forward to for the weekend. Isn’t that pretty much all that is good in life (aside from crushing my enemies, seeing them driven before me, hearing the lamentations of their women.)


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