Relaxed, fun, maybe not as productive as expected

Weekend started off well, and then stayed at that point. I got in a fair amount of relaxation time, slamming through a good book. Did not get the yard work done that I had hoped, but that is not a huge deal. The important thing is that the kids had a good time, and enjoyed their last weekend before school.

The game on Friday night went well. It was a little rough as the kids were suffering from heightened teenage ADD. But overall it was a good time. And the rearranging of the venue worked out much better than I expected. It was a good way to start the weekend.

I got the house picked up Saturday and some laundry done, in between finishing the book. But I was distracted away from yard work. But the important things got done. And we did get the necessary final school supply shopping done, so we are totally ready to go on that score. We have lunch supplies, and a plan to get the kids to do their part of making their lunches themselves in order to reduce some of the waste that drives me up the wall.

The family had a good time at the baseball game on Saturday night. Despite the hour and a half rain delay, which made the game last a lot longer than we would have liked. Danny did very well carrying the American flag for the presentation of the colors. I got to get embarrassed in one of the between inning promo deals (asked to chip in a foam golf ball to a raised platform.) But it was a good time overall, and the fire works show was very impressive (better than the 4th of July display.)

Sunday we did our normal grocery shopping. Had to fix the dryer (a stupid lego piece got stuck.) Then I just kicked back and relaxed the rest of the day, staying off my bad foot. And let the kids play with their friends, enjoy their last true day off of the summer (today is full of errands, appointments etc.)

Now about the 2 things that really made a big part of the weekend. And how they go together. I mentioned reading a book, I got a book Friday from the Library and proceeded to read it in about 24 hours. The book was ‘You’re Never weird on the Internet (Almost)’ by Felicia Day. It was a very interesting read, about someone who has made a niche career for herself almost entirely working in Internet Media. It was a really fascinating read. And really opened my eyes a lot about the world that exists now.

Because, being an introvert with anxiety issues, I would have really fallen in love with this world now had it been like this when I was younger. The ability to interact with a whole host of people without ever having to deal with them in person really holds a certain appeal.

Which leads me back to my mini me, Danny. He had his first therapy meeting on Saturday. It went very well I think. And he was happy with it, and willing to go back. And all day yesterday, despite being tired, and a little overwhelmed with extra folks, I didn’t get a single complaint or moment where he came in and complained about his tummy hurting. I know that this week will present some challenges, what with returning to school and all. He has some work to do. But, after reading that book I have fewer worries, because there is a world out there that is better suited for folks like us. And being conscious of all the pitfalls will help as well.

It was a good weekend. We had some fun. Got some needed things done. And got to really relax and unwind as well. Just the kind of weekend that we needed before the new school year begins.


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