A refined plan for sanity

In short:

Plan for Tomorrow, Live for Today, Forget the Past

I thought this up this morning in the shower. As I began to mentally kick myself for not getting up early enough to exercise, I stopped and repeated the mantra about moving on, looking forward, not backward. When this simple phrase came to me. It breaks down like this.

Plan for Tomorrow

It is okay to plan ahead for things. Making plans is okay. Planning and preparing for things makes life easier. This week we are in the final stretch of the kids summer vacation. Which means we have plans to begin slowly gearing back the bed times. And the times that friends leave. We have the school supplies packed and ready for the first day of school. Kim has done a great job of working through clothes for all the kids.

This is all planning and preparing. I took the time today to check the Broncos home schedule against my Denver game to determine when I will run into problems with getting to and from the games. Just to be aware of that issue. Not to stress about these things but instead following the 7 P’s (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.)

Live for Today

If I have things planned, but something comes up, it is okay to adjust. Planning makes life easier. But as the old adage goes ‘No plan survives contact with the enemy’, in this case the enemy is the chaos of our normal lives. For example we planned a meal Sunday night, but as the day went on it became clear that the day was just going to be a free for all. That was okay, we just moved the planned meal to the next night. No fuss, no one went without food.

We have a plan for the day to day school, when friends are allowed, when electronics are permitted, when home work needs to be done. And I think we will stick with this for the most part. But, there will be days when things come up, schedules will slip etc. The goal is to not let the failure to adhere to the plan destroy my mellow, because that is life.

Forget the Past

I had a plan for this morning. I was going to get up and get some exercise. Begin some body weight work. But the dogs decided to wake up multiple times during the night. Including at 5 AM. So I had no desire to get up at 6. So I hit snooze and did not get up until nearly 7. Which meant no morning exercise. I began to mentally kick myself as I got in the shower, but I stopped. There is no reason to get upset about the past, it cannot be changed. Would it have been nice to have followed my plan and gotten in a morning work out? Yes. Is it the end of the world that I did not? No. In fact no one was hurt by that failure.

Then move on, forget it, live for the moment. Enjoy the book I read over breakfast. Make my lunch, figure out how I planned to do the things I need to do today. And forget about the past, and the failure to get up a little earlier and exercise. Which brings up the neatest way to explain this motto.

Create an exercise Plan for Tomorrow that will make me feel better. If I exercise I will feel better as I Live for Today. And if I do not exercise today for whatever reason, Forget the Past, I cannot do anything about it, just return to the Plan tomorrow.


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