The word is: Delegation!

I had a nice, quiet weekend. Pretty much everything I hoped for. I got all the primary missions done. New tires on the car, weeds chopped, shopping, took Emily to a movie. I didn’t get much exercise, which is becoming a troublesome thing I really need to find a way to get done that does not create mental drama. But all in all a nice weekend.

But what I want to talk about is the magic word, delegation. I’m not great at that skill, learning what to let other people do, and instead try to do it all myself. This doesn’t create a lot of problems. I am not one for leading people or undertaking massive projects where delegation really is necessary to get it done. But there is one area where I am gradually learning to do just that, delegate.

Do I have any control if a sports team plays well? Can I make someone look for a job? Can I make someone see the political sense in a given view point? These are just a few examples of things that I have taken upon myself. And learning to let all of them go is making a big difference. Learning to accept that if it is beyond my control, then I don’t have to obsess over it. And if 2 perfectly capable adults are trying to connect to get something done, it is not my job to make that connection happen.

These things can be topics of conversation. Resulting in interesting discussion. But in the end I need to accept that if it is not in my control than why worry about it?

The one area where this is making a big difference is coming up. The American Football season is gradually coming upon us. For quite some time that would be greeted with excitement and an obsessive arranging of my schedule and life to zero in on watching the games. And subconscious worry about my favorite teams, would they play well? But you know what? I am just not focused on that any more, I stubbornly refuse to let these games affect my life. I will likely enjoy watching the games when they begin in earnest, if I am not engaged in other activities. And I will read about them online. But I will not let them rule my life. I have delegated/pushed off that part of my life.

And if I wish to continue my Mellow, that is the way it has to be, putting a premium on things I can control in a healthy fashion. Letting other people worry about the things I cannot control anyway.


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