Just making the most of it

This will be an odd weekend. Kim and Danny are off to Scout Camp for 2 nights. Emily will be at a friends one night. And Jimmy will go over to a friends the other night. The effect is that to some extent I am on my own for much of the time. So I intend to make the most of the time.

There is some yard work that has to be done. And I will enlist Jimmy to help, regardless of whether he wants to or not. Since out lawnmower died I will have to hit the last remaining large section of weeds with just the weed eater. And there is a fair amount of trash and things that have to be put away. And I have special project in mind for Jimmy as well.

I will be picking up the new tires for my car. Which are sorely needed, I can’t quite see the steel belts on my current pair, but I do worry a little every time I take that drive to Denver, or drive on an especially torn up street (in other words most of Colorado Springs right now.)

But other than that, nothing real big planned. I might run over to the game store tonight. I am thinking of trying to get some painting done finally. Might try to get in a swim at some point. Might take Emily out to dinner and a movie when Jimmy is gone.

The big thing for me is to make the most of it. Do some fun things just for me. And also make sure I do the things around the house that I need to do so Kim does not get overwhelmed when she returns on Sunday.

Which brings me to an interesting side effect of being a neurotic anxiety prone person. It may not be the most fun for me. But it does have the side effect of me always being almost too aware of how I am interacting with other people. Nothing like always being worried about how another person feels about you to make you a super considerate partner. Very rarely will I miss anything because I am so focused on worrying about her feelings and attitude. It might drive her crazy to check on it all the time, but at least I am paying attention. The same goes for work, because I am always worried about how I am doing, and making sure I am doing my job, I may not be an extroverted volunteer, but I will be dependable.


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