The weekend was (almost) everything I expected

Had a great time at the Switchbacks game Friday night. Got a big project done Saturday. Watched some movies Saturday night. Got all the school supply shopping completed Sunday. And had time for a nice party and playing catch up. And managed through an odd ‘scare’ on Friday.

The soccer game on Friday was a lot of fun. I just really enjoy watching the game, it is just about the perfect spectator sport for me. Non stop action, no stoppages, And just enough strategy to keep the mind engaged. Even the kids had a good time (for the most part.) We sat very close to the action, right behind the guys in the front row who spent the match taunting the opposing coach and players (in a friendly way.) Kept it lots of fun.

Saturday the kids and I got the basement rec room back to a reasonable condition. I wrote up some basic rules and posted them so the kids and their friends could read them. I am glad to have a reasonable place to set up painting projects again, and keep all my miniatures in accessible location. So if I want to set up a quick game I can. Or if I want to do some painting one evening, it is an option. And the younger ones have space to play, so maybe we can get some of the toys out of their rooms to do some de-cluttering. And to be honest the little ones were really quite helpful in the project, doing much of the work.

After getting that done, and keeping the house picked up I went and got some movies for the evening (as I was pretty much on my own, with Kim going out, and the little ones out for sleep overs.) So I had a quiet night to myself , which was a good way to end the day.

Sunday Kim and I got the school supply shopping done in the morning. Then went and got the kids, and after a brief stop to get some school shoes, went over to my sisters for a house warming lunch. Which was excellent. It is great to have her and her husband back in town. And living closer, so we can do more impromptu gatherings if we want. It is always fun for me to have these family gatherings, catching up with people I don’t see quite as much as I would like.

All this was done in spite of an odd physical occurrence that resulted in my spending Friday afternoon at Urgent Care and labs. Thursday evening I noticed that my big toe on one foot was numb, like it had been anesthetized. This kept going through the night and Friday morning, so I left work at 12 to go see a Doctor. It was diagnosed as a pinched nerve somewhere on my leg or foot. Nothing serious or concerns that it was a precursor to a more serious issue. It doesn’t really bother me, it is just odd. And I can just keep going on with my life. Although I skipped my Saturday swim in an effort to keep some pressure off my leg. And then I wasn’t able to get up for it today, so I am behind my schedule on exercise.

All told, another excellent weekend. Hitting pretty much all of my expected high points. The only negative is that i woke today with a serious downturn for no discernible reason. I am just now starting to feel normal. Odd brain behavior there.


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