More things to look forward to this weekend

Every weekend it seems there are things to look forward to. Last weekend we had the swim party, and then my Denver game. This week it is different. Tonight I get to hang my hat on going to the soccer game. Then Sunday my family is gathering for an event. I just have to keep this up, having things to look forward to, instead of dread.

Tonight is Scout night at the Colorado Switchbacks game. Which means the whole family will go out to the game. I am excited to watch some quality soccer, not World Cup or even Rapids level, but certainly better than elementary kids playing bunch ball. I know that Danny and Emily will probably get bored at some point. But there is not much I can do about that. All I know is that it is something different to do, involving a game I love to watch.

Sunday my sister and brother in law are having a housewarming, after moving back to town from Denver. Which will mean a fairly large family gathering. Which is always fun, a chance to catch up with folks, enjoy some grilled food, and get out of the house. Plus they are living in my old neighborhood, which means a chance to drive through there.

Saturday Danny will be spending the night at a buddy’s house. It is good for him, and nice we can keep them in touch, even though they no longer go to the same school. Emily will likely seize the chance to do a sleep over at her friends house as well. Which means it might just be us and Jimmy (which is almost like being alone, as he does his own thing most of the time.

Some where in there I will try and get the lawn mower and do some yard work. And maybe do some more work on the basement rec room. And of course take some time to relax as well. And also swim, can’t skip that. Yep, should be a good weekend, full of things I want to do, and am excited to be doing.


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