Updated Insights

Got some more input into that Facebook post. Enough that I wanted to post a quick update. More moments of time in my life now accounted for via friends.

First, got my first response from my first school experience. Which brought to mind a conversation I had the other night. I was discussing with another scout parent how deep my roots go in the community. His kids apparently attended pre-school at Counterpoint studios. Well Counterpoint was founded by a good friends mom. And more importantly resides in the building where I had my first educational experience, at what I lovingly refer to as a cooperative hippy school call the Community School of Colorado Springs. Well late last night I got my first response to this post that referred to that, which was fun.

Second, I got a hit from my second longest tenured job, working for Century Communications/Adelphia. As I do not have any lasting friendships from my years working in the tax business that means all my jobs are effectively accounted for (7-11, Adelphia, FRS/HEAT.) It is nice to know I have pretty much all the stages of my life covered in FB friends.

As an aside, passing thought, I find it interesting that for as introverted a person as I am, I do have a pretty large group of friends, people that I would invite/expect to a major life event like a wedding or birthday party. I often don’t think about that all that much, but I definitely have a pretty large circle of friends.


Had a blow up with the teenager last night. He was at a friends house, wanted to stay the night. I told him he had to come home. He was pretty bent out of shape, thought he was being short changed on the balance of sleep overs versus his siblings. That they had more sleepovers than he did, and that wasn’t fair. I didn’t try to argue, or discuss the point. I only told him I was sorry he was angry and felt we were being unfair. Kept calm in the face of testosterone filled teenage angst. Which I feel is the only reasonable response. And I made sure to use lots of calming words, and thank him for doing what I asked.

I know there will be more of these. And if there was any one reason why I am working so hard on my own mental health it is so I can remain calm in the face of this. Because a year or so ago I would have jumped right into the argument, risen to the bait. When that would accomplish nothing in the long or short term. Kids can and will get you riled up, and being sane is a challenge for any parent. So being able to control my own temper is an imperative. Which I can happily say is much easier now, due to some hard work, changes in my life style, and some medication.


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