Well that was an interesting piece of insight

Yesterday I decided to do one of those ubiquitous Facebook posts. You know what I mean, the one that get passed around for the purpose of encouraging feedback, and getting people to interact with each other. This wasn’t a political one, or one of those asking you to ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ if you want to pass along a political or social message. This was just a test to see if people read your posts and encourage them to respond. Here is the post:

Ok, so let me see how this turns out: It occurs to me that for each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. I’m going to be watching to see who takes care of the friendship, just like me. So if you are reading this, then thank you for being a part of my life. So leave ONE WORD on how we met. DON’T SHARE. Once you respond, I will inbox you this copy, then paste on your wall so I can leave one word for you..

The results were actually quite interesting. It is a snap shot of my own life. As well as a snapshot of where I acquired friends and which stages of my life resulted in the most friends, And also a kind of story about pieces of my own life that either played a big part of my life, or are still a big part of my life.

There were the family responses of course. Although of those who responded only one was not linked to my wife in one way or another. Which means that that little branch of my life and social circle stems solely from her. Which reaffirms what a big part of my life she is, and how much I love what she has brought to my life.

There were 3 stages of school. Elementary school, that was a pretty tight group really. The Colorado Springs School responses, which was a big group, and demonstrates what a tight community that school was for so many of us, that we are still all paying attention and linked up all these years later. And college, although to be honest most of those were less school related than they were related to the steady party group that I was a part of in college.

And then there were the work responses, which were all coming from my latest job, none from earlier jobs. But then again I have been at the same company for 14 years now, and it is a small company with a fair amount of turn over, so I made friends with a lot of people who then moved on.

And last, the gamers. Which is an eclectic group. But, interestingly enough there was one response from one of my Elementary school friends, ‘Army men’. Which means I was already enjoying playing with that type of game that long ago. And here I am, 40 some odd years later, still enjoying playing with army men!

I also think that if you look at that spread, it shows something about life in general. The friends you make in school, are likely to be long lasting ones. And the ones that will get revisited over and over through the years.

All in all, an interesting little piece of insight.


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