Fighting uphill this morning for some reason

Stupid brain appears to be up to it’s annoying tricks today. For no discernible reason, just have to breath, try to relax, keep my head down and make it past this. It was a good weekend, uneventful for the most part. With some fun and some relaxation mixed in.

Friday night there was a Scout swim party. I didn’t swim but pretty much everyone else in the family did. It was a good time. A chance to catch up with some of the Scout families, although that is experiencing a transition as our kids get older, and many of the families that we are more connected with have moved on. I also got to take some fun pictures.

Sunflowers & cloudy skies

Sunflowers & cloudy skies

Leap into water

Leap into water

Saturday morning I got up early and went for a swim. I did okay, I focused on just a regular, slow pace. And I did alright with that. I was definitely tired at the end. And when I got home I did some cleaning, trying to restore the main rooms to some semblance of order. And also got a little start on the gradual process of returning the basement to order, and set up for gaming and hobbies. I did notice one thing. This was the first time I did an early morning exercise without caffeine, and I did notice it, taking a short nap in the afternoon. Something to be mindful of in the future. And I just relaxed the rest of the day on Saturday.

Sunday was our game in Denver. Which went pretty well. I was a little out of it for some reason, I had fun, and it was great when we finally defeated the big bads. And it was cool when one of the players got a chance to really shine. And James had a good time, even if he did get a little on some folks nerves with repeating requests for things that had already been shot down. And it was a bit of a late night for us getting home.

All in all a good weekend, some exercise, some fun, and some productivity. Really nothing to complain about. The only real problem was that due to the late night Sunday night, I could not get myself up this morning for a swim when I wanted to. And it could just be that, plus a restless nights sleep that is getting to me today. Either way, I know it is something that will pass, and I just need to stay focused on the now, and not let the past or future drag me down.


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