It hasn’t all gone as planned, but that’s okay

Continuing to just roll with the tide this week. Not everything has gone as planned. But I am learning ways to let things go so it doesn’t bother me as much when that happens. And last a big thank you.

This week’s schedule with the kids was thrown off pretty much from the get go. Kim took pretty much her entire family to Elitch Gardens on Monday. Which was fun for them all, but a long day, which meant we cancelled Tuesdays plan so the kids could rest. Then yesterday had some extra craziness that I can’t go into, coupled with my own work being busy, and Kim’s work being extra nuts this week.

All of that has just thrown everything off, plenty of disruption. But I am remaining mellow. Doing what I can, cooking dinners and keeping the house picked up as Kim is wiped out from work. And making a decision to let other people handle certain things, rather than trying to micro manage all of the kids events and schedules. That’s a big step for me, I have a tendency to really try to manage everything for the kids. But, when the adults involved are perfectly capable of communicating with each other, and handling these things, there is no reason for me to play middle man. I just need to take the time with these things to assess if I really need to step in, and if not, let it be.

Now, just an aside, I want to take a moment to make a big shout out and thanks to someone special. For the past several years my Step Mother has organized and ran a ‘Cousins Camp’ during the summers. This amounts to taking our kids, plus some of their local cousins, watching them for a few days of the week, and doing fun stuff with them. First, it has been a great help, especially during the younger years when Jimmy could not responsibly watch them, or the younger ones were just too young anyway. Second, it has been really good for them, getting them out of the house, and doing lots of different stuff in the area. From simple trips to parks and play grounds, to trips to museums and amusement parks. So for all of that, I had the kids make simple cards for her last night, but I wanted to take some time myself in this space to say a big thank you to Grandma Cella, for all that you do, and all that you have done.

Last, I have made a point over the last year to use a fairly standard birthday wish when FB prompts me about someone’s birthday. I usually use some variation on wishing someone an Excellent birthday. Well there is a reason for that. I love that word, and more importantly, I love the simple concept captured in the movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, it is a simple philosophy that I strive to live with:



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