Really approaching a high level of personal satisfaction

How do you know when life is good? I mean really good, and not just a highlight. For me it is when there are just no moments of frustration or really any stress. When a holiday weekend can go by, with nothing but highlights and no notable moments of stress or frustration. That is when I know I am reaching a hitherto unknown feeling of consistent personal satisfaction.

I got the house ready for a family gathering, ran a game of Pathfinder, hosted a family gathering, sent my oldest child off on a week long trip, and spent some quality time with the younger kids, and had a good time doing it all. That was a good weekend! With none of the normal feelings of anxiety and stress that accompany such gatherings.

Friday I had a fun breakfast with a good friend, catching up, complaining about politics, talking cars, etc. From there I went grocery shopping for the upcoming gathering. Then is was home for some peace and quiet as the kids were all still out of the house, and finishing some cleaning work. Which actually leads me backwards in time a bit. Thursday night Kim and I got an evening to ourselves, went out to dinner, then came home and cleaned. Which might have been been frustrating for me in the past, seemed like a waste of time. But really it was just a fun little time with Kim, and accomplished a much needed little project as a side result. In the past I might have been upset that we didn’t use up the rare opportunity differently but now it was just quality time.

Friday night I ran the boys game of Pathfinder, pushed them, but they had a good time. Sure I might have liked spending a little more time on the monsters, thought they would have been tougher. But no big deal really, Because it was still fun, had some fun moments, and most importantly Jimmy had some good quality time with his buddies before he left for what is effectively 2 weeks (1 week wrestling camp, next week family reunion.)

Saturday I did not have much to do for the family gathering, having done most of it the day before. So I was able to mostly relax a little before family began to trickle in. And the party itself went very well, very low key. No stress at all for me. I even got to have some fun shooting off some fireworks (even if I did accidentally terrorize the dogs as a result.) It really was the most relaxed I have felt at a family gathering in quite a while.

Sunday we sent Jimmy off early in the morning (5:00 to be precise), went home and back to sleep. Then we had a quiet morning before taking the younger 2 to a movie (Inside Out, highly recommend it to parents.) Then we came home, got the house more or less back under control, and then relaxed.

Enjoyed the Women’s World Cup Championship Game. And had a nice quiet night to finish the weekend. There are those words again: Nice, Quiet. Which really sums up the weekend, despite really cramming a fair amount of stuff into it. Which is really all I can ask of life these days, keep it peaceful, and quiet. Or at least feel peaceful and quiet despite the chaos of everyday life.


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