Some times a different approach makes all the difference

It started a week or 2 ago. It wasn’t planned at first. But it is making such a big difference that I will keep doing it. What are you talking about you ask? It is simple, I’m talking about how I have been dealing with the kids.

Maybe it is my generally feeling better anyway, but a couple of weeks ago I started changing up how I was asking the kids to do things around the house. Instead of just laying down the law, and working with Imperial Decree’s I changed. for the last week or 2 it has been a matter of just asking them to do stuff, and not overreacting when it wasn’t done.

For example last weekend I asked Jimmy to vacuum the 2 main rooms, and mow part of the lawn. He was really guarded when he came to tell me that he couldn’t do either, the vacuum and mower had both stopped working. No big deal, just went and got them working for him and let it go at that.

And at night I have been leaving it up to Jimmy to get himself to bed, just giving him a general guideline and going to bed myself. And he is following that rule without any problem. So it is all working very well so far. Basically I have changed from presenting a list of demands, and then jumping on him repeatedly to get them done. Instead just being friendlier with him, and getting him to buy into it all. And it is really working.

Now I don’t know if this was more a matter of my own personal attitude changing up, personally relaxing more. But whether it is that or working hard for a friendlier approach doesn’t matter. What matters is that the kids have been much easier to deal with this summer.

I heard an advertisement the other day about how to make this summer the best, and my immediate thought is that it already is. The kids have been good for the most part. My mental outlook is much better. And while we don’t have any major trips planned like last year it is still a great summer.


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