It has been quiet, but not too quiet

The past couple of days have been very different around the house. I really noticed it this morning, as I quietly crept out of the house (letting Danny continue to get some much needed sleep.) It has been very quiet around the house without 2 people there.

I love my wife and daughter greatly, and I miss having them around the house. But Emily especially does not really get the idea of a peaceful silence. She is a very talkative, extroverted person. And not having her around can really quiet down the house. And even Kim does like to talk some, or at least be doing things that involve some talking.

But without those 2 around, and with Jimmy not having a friend over (talking to them on the phone) it has been quiet around the house. I mean I have been watching TV, or at least listening to music. But silent in terms of minimal human interaction. It has been very peaceful and restful.

And I think Danny especially is really enjoying it. He was still asleep at nearly 8 this morning when I left, which is unusual for him, he is my normal early riser, but I think having everything so quiet helped him get some rest. And while he loves Emily, and likes playing with her, I think he is somewhat enjoying this time to himself.

It has been very refreshing to just go home and ease into the evening, maybe get some things done, but mainly just relax. I for one am enjoying it all very much. I will be happy to have them back, but this time without them has been nice.


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