An interesting weekend, and now some different dynamics

It was productive, fun and yet had it’s share of slow, boring moments as well. The weekend was not the whirlwind of activities that the previous ones were, and yet I can’t say it felt too short either. We got some yard work and house work done. I got the girls sent off for a couple of days, Jimmy got a taste of playing with adults. And Danny just did his own thing. And just now realizing how odd the coming weeks might be.

Jimmy and I got the yards mowed, picked up and looking as good as possible. It really is a shame that I don’t have grass in my yard, because this year it would look magnificent if I did, with all the rain. But I don’t, so I will be content to mow the weeds to a reasonable level. I also took a short walk, picked up some new shorts, generally kind of wandered around most of the day Sunday. I eventually settled down to watch some women’s soccer and then a movie. But overall it was a relaxed day.

Sunday Kim & Emily took off for 2 nights and 3 days of Girl Scout camp. This is really the longest the family has been broken up like this for a while. Kim took Danny off for a night of camping a couple of times last year, as I did too. But it has been a couple of years since Kim and a child were off this long. And it is a different dynamic with Kim and Emily gone, leaving me and the boys home.

For Danny this should be a nice break. I know that he and Emily play really well together, more than he and James do most of the time. But at times I think he just needs a break. And this will be a good break for him. Yesterday he spent time with family, even spending the night with them. Today he is having a good buddy over. And tonight I will encourage him and Jimmy to play at something, without any extra kids around. I think it is good for him to get that time without the dominating force of Emily’s personality around.

Then later in the week the kids will be gone for the night, leaving Kim and I alone. And then Jimmy leaves Sunday, leaving the little ones to sort of fend for themselves. Which will be a break for them, without having big brother around to boss them around, or take up our attention.

Jimmy got to join my Denver game and it went very well. He blended as well as can be expected. He played well, and it seemed that there were no problems on the part of the other players with him. He wants to make his addition a regular thing, which I am at least open to. I have to be sure the other players are fine with that. And then see how it goes.

On the personal side of things I am moving on to what I hope is the next phase of good habits. While I have taken caffeine out of the question I was still drinking fair amounts of soda. My plan is now to wean myself off that by only drinking soda at meals at fast food places, where it kind of makes sense. And otherwise cut the soda consumption to as close to zero as possible. It’s a gradual thing. They say it takes 30 days to develop a habit. So it has been about 30 days without caffeine. So now I will try to spend the next 30 on the reduction of soda. And also keep working on the physical activity and making it a part of my daily life in some fashion.


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