It is officially all good now.

I slept well last night, and long, getting a good rest. And life resumed as normal today. And I am excited for the weekend. And having some realizations about some other stuff.

Took the car to the neighborhood repair place yesterday. Expecting to have to pay for a new alternator. Instead got a call that the battery that the Autozone guy said was good was in fact shot. That was a definite ‘glass half full, half empty’ situation. On the one hand I could be upset that the Autozone guy was wrong, which probably cost us around $100 in labor costs. On the other hand, I was expecting to pay double what I ended up paying because my alternator had to be replaced. I choose to go with the later approach. And just be happy that I have my car back today.

All that disruption and stress from dealing with the car took it’s toll, I was definitely wiped out last night, and was happy to go to bed earlier and get some much needed rest. One of the things I have learned in the last year is how much mental energy can get soaked up by stress and social occasions. I just did not really understand that before. Better late than never to understand that I say.

And I have a good weekend to look forward to now. Saturday remains utterly clear of plans. Kim will be getting her and Emily ready for their camp but otherwise zip, zero, nada plans. I will probably do some yard work, maybe try to recover some of the basement. But otherwise try to relax some more.

And then Sunday Kim & Emily go off on their adventure. And I take Jimmy to my Denver game. Which I am looking forward to in a real way. I am excited to let him see what more grown up role players do and how they handle the game. And to be honest I am excited to just play in this game, it is fun enough that the normal month between sessions is a little tough on me, wish it was a shorter time between.

Last, it has been a nice month without caffeine, and not doing too much in the way of exercise. But I have realized that I do need to get back into some form of regular exercise. I accept that I can’t do running, and even too much walking might be a problem without a certain kind of shoes. But there are things I can do, and I just need to make the time in my life for them. I just need to add these habits without obsessing over them, like my shaving everyday, or brushing my teeth.

But yeah, survived the mid week stress, got everything back to normal, and now can return to getting excited about the future.


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