Speed up, slow down, makes no difference


So that was Father’s Day weekend. Like all the other summer weekends it was fun and relaxing. And yet did not feel too short, instead it felt just right. Which is a funny thing I have begun to notice. Also, looking at those pictures was the first time I felt certain thoughts. But in spite of the big family gathering I still got some good things done over the weekend. And I also had a good time with the boys game on Friday night.


Kim set up the kids pool last week, and that was a highlight of the weekend for the family. Danny and Emily spent a lot of time in there over the 2 days (sadly leading to a Sunburn for Danny.) Which was good for them to have another diversion on Saturday while I got some work done. Mowing the front lawn, weed eating etc. It was gratifying to really see all of the good plants rise again from being over grown by weeds.

And it was especially nice to have the pool on Sunday, as a good way to offset the heat, and a good diversion for folks of all ages as you can see above (after the ladies were ‘forced’ to join in the fun.) I even got a couple of dunkings myself, one more intentional than the other. It was a pleasant way to augment the party.


Yep, this was the kind of summer weekends that make memories. Playing in the yard, eating good food, relaxing. And that is what my weekends are now, a chance to relax, and maybe gather and create some moments that reside in the memory banks. I have gotten my mind to a good place, where I can handle these events, have fun, and not let the anxiety and OCD kick in. Which is something I have worked very hard to get to.


James made it a point on Sunday to forego his video games and get out and play and exercise. Not always the easiest thing for him to do. But he is slowly reaching the point where he is listening to us, that the summer wrestling camp he is going to in a few weeks will be physically demanding, and maybe he needs to start getting ready. Of course since it took both his mother and aunt to wrestle him into submission after dowsing them and pushing them into the pool it is not like he has gotten weak.

It was a good weekend, with 2 days of fun, productivity, and relaxation. Good food, some exercise. And minimum anxiety or stress. All a recipe for the good life.


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