Done, bad air out, bringing good air in

Yeah, yesterday was pretty awful. And I gave in to the temptation and let my liberal flag fly high and proud with rants, FB posts and even the odd argument. But that is it, time to move on, I will still read on the subject, hit ‘like’ on worthy posts, but overall I will refrain from actually posting and getting into arguments over things I cannot truly control. The bad air is out, time to focus on bringing in some positive air.

Our pictures from our family photography session were made available yesterday, and they were great! I want to thank Lisa for a great job. We had fun doing the pictures, they turned out great, and I am looking forward to getting some of them printed out. In particular I liked these 2.

The whole family

The whole family

Kim and I

Kim and I

As I am the one who takes most of the pictures we don’t get a lot of pictures of the 2 of us. So I am really happy to have one of 2 of us, it is a real treat. And again, I want to thank Lisa for making the picture taking fun, and productive, and giving us some wonderful pictures to treasure. Here is her web site and I strongly recommend her:

Lisa Work Design

All that being said, it is Father’s Day weekend. Tomorrow I will be doing the finishing touches on the house and yard to prepare for Sunday. And Sunday we will host our usual big family gathering for such things. I am gearing myself up mentally for it and should be ready to handle the crowd.

But, tonight I am hosting our D&D game for the boys. And I am excited about this one. It will be the second session of Pathfinder and I think I and them are better prepared for this one. I have a better handle on what I can throw at them and I think it should be fun.

Like I said, life goes on. I have learned that I cannot spend my time focused on the negatives I cannot control. I need to remain focused on the positives, and the things I can control. And most importantly on all the good things, like a beautiful, wonderful family, and great friends!


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