People are people, act like it

This is a political post/rant. So in the interests of keeping those who don’t want to read such things I will do a Read More break.

Yesterday on the way home I saw a pickup truck with a big sticker on it’s back window. The sticker was a bunch of hash marks, with the title ‘Devil of R—-” (I couldn’t read it all) and then below was a line about Chris Kyle R.I.P. Now I’m going to anger some folks here, but either read the rest of the post with an open mind or stop reading now. But this thinking, this idolizing a man who killed so many people is just wrong. I want to ask these people if it would be okay if I posted a similar sticker with James Holmes, or Ted Bundy, or Tim McVeigh? Because as far as I’m concerned placing a sniper with that many kills on a pedestal is no different from idolizing those people.

The only thing that separates a Chris Kyle from a serial killer is that he technically did what he did as a soldier. But celebrating all his kills like that is to treat his victims as less than people. They are just hash marks, brown others who do not qualify to be called people. And this mentality, treating ‘other’ people as lesser is how you get to where we are in our culture. Where police officers don’t see a problem abusing people of color, killing them or abusing them in ways that they would never think to do with white people.

Witness the way the white bikers in Waco were treated after the event, versus the way the peaceful protesters of Ferguson or Baltimore were treated. Or the fact that a well known white man was defended for terrible things he admitted he did when he was 14, but when a 14 year old black girl is a little mouthy to a police officer people saw no problem with him throwing her to the ground and sitting on her. At the heart of all this is a refusal to see and treat people of other colors and origins as actual people.

And the culmination of that is what happened last night. When a man can just walk into a church and gun down people for no other reason than they are black. You want things like this to stop? It is simple, treat every human being as a human being, people are people. They are not hash marks on the back of a pickup truck, they don’t have to be angels, they just have to be treated as people. And granted the same rights and considerations as any other people. If that means we do not glorify sociopaths who find an outlet in the military I am all for it. Or glorify and defend those who think being a police officer gives them an excuse to treat the world as an extension of a video game or action movie.


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