I know it is a long way off but

I’m a planner. You all know that by now if you have been following this blog. This week has placed a fair amount of stress on that, being almost intentionally chaotic as we let the kids have their freedom. That will come to an end next week. We have plans for the kids next week and a good chunk of the summer after that. That’s mostly how we roll.


To talk about how much of a planner I am, I have already begun mental plans for a party almost a year and a half away. This is going to be a big party though. Of course once that one is done I will then have to begin planning for the next big deal, but that is even farther off.

Anyway, I have a number of friends. And many of them are close friends. And of course I have my wife, my best friend of all. But there is another friend, my life long friend. I have known him pretty much as long as I can remember, we grew up across the street from each other. We were friends then, and have kept up that friendship for lo these many years since. We don’t communicate as much. We follow each other on Facebook and as such are tangentially aware of what the other one is doing. In a sign of just how our friendship was just meant to be is one fact. Our birthdays are 5 days apart (I’m the older one.) Not 5 days and a year, but literally 5 days.

And when I talk planning I am putting together a plan for our 50th birthdays next year. It is over a year away, but I want this to be fun and cool. My thinking is that we have our own family parties in our own time, however they want to handle those events. But sometime close to our birthdays next year we will gather our mutual friends that we have known for so long and have a joint celebration, in an adult friendly kind of way.

Sure talking about it and planning it now might seem to early, but this is really a once in a lifetime event. And there are theoretically a pretty large group of people to coordinate to get this done. So in my head it isn’t too early.


All that being said, we really have no plans for this weekend. I am hoping that the weather fates will cooperate and allow me to get some yard work done, and justify putting some of the basement back together. And I will be hosting our D&D game on Sunday afternoon, which I am looking forward to as I plan to really challenge the boys this week.

My biggest thing about the basement is the chance to return James to his room, at least for sleeping. Because I think we are all tired of him crashing on the couch. And I would like to be able to have another space we could banish children to if we want.


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