Cry havoc and let loose the kids of summer

This is the first full week of summer for the kids. The little ones were out of school last week, but Jimmy still had 3 days left of school. Then we had the Scout camp out over the weekend. So this week is the first real week of summer for all of them as a group.

That means meals have been chaotic. Last night was the first time I actually tried to cook a dinner for everyone. Of course the little ones were off with the girls as they had just got back from a trip, so they had pizza, but I did cook for Kim & I, plus Jimmy and his 3 friends. It was by no means a traditional sit down meal for just the family. And to be honest there may not be many of those this week at all. As the kids are all over the place, with friends over, or going over to friends.

And of course that means the order of the day is to try not to destroy the house while they are at home under the ‘supervision’ of big brother. Which also means that the house will be even more cluttered than usual. Which is compounded by the fact that the basement has still not dried out enough for us to convert it into a play area. But I am hoping that we can do some of that over the weekend.

There will be a little more order in the ensuing weeks as camps, Cousins camp with Grandma Cella, and other activities start to kick in. But this week is really a free for all, letting them enjoy as much freedom as possible in this time after school.

There will be more order after this week. Deadlines for turning off electronics. Work to be done around the house and yard. And a return to some one off school type projects for Jimmy, reading for Danny and Emily. We are not going to let them run total roughshod over their time. For now though, freedom is the order of the day.


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