Summer ‘arrived’, piece by piece

The mental clock can now switch over to summer, or is at least is toggled away from school timing. And I got a good, restful, but semi-productive weekend. Had a nice Anniversary evening with Kim. Had a good afternoon with some old friends. And somehow was able to enjoy some weather.

We continued to work on recovering the basement. Got up a bunch more of the water. Moved furniture and then rolled up the carpet so we could just try and dry out the pad. Try our best to keep everything from molding. Kim also managed to get some picking up done during the times I wasn’t around. And we got Danny some summer tennis shoes (we know they are unlikely to make it beyond then.) So we were somewhat productive, it wasn’t a total relaxation weekend.

For a time on Saturday it looked like we might get the house to ourselves for our Anniversary. The little ones had a sleepover with some friends (unplanned.) And we pawned off Jimmy on a friend. So we went and saw a movie (Mad Max Fury Road, well worth seeing in the theater.) And were almost done with a late dinner when we got the call to pick up the little ones. But that was okay, we still got some quiet time to ourselves to celebrate the occasion.

The main reason we got the call was Danny had an accident Friday, just before the end of school, falling off the monkey bars, and hitting his back on the ladder. After a trip to Urgent care Monday we determined that nothing was broken, but there was some damage that resulted in him getting some spasms and soreness all weekend, poor guy. Just poor timing on his part.

The old gang (at least some of them) together again.

The old gang (at least some of them) together again.

Kim and the kids chose not to go up to Denver for the party on Sunday so I went alone. Which worked out for the best, as there weren’t really any kids that they would have spent a lot of time with. And not anyone there that Kim would have enjoyed spending a long time chatting with. On the other hand I got in a great extended afternoon of conversation with some old friends. Swapping stories, talking about games and books, and catching up on our lives. So I was able to really enjoy the time, without the feeling of watching over kids or keeping Kim entertained.

And now I can make that mental change over to summer timing. Have a little more time in the mornings to either sleep in or get up and exercise. The kids can stay up a little later, and (theoretically) sleep in a little later. We have a family camp out this weekend, 2 nights with the Cub Scout families. And that is the last real commitment other than vacation events. And I am very ready for that.

I was going to make the switch over to no caffeine in June but decided that this weekend was a better time to start that process. So far so good, I kept my intake low the first 2 days, and then none on Monday. Now I just need to get through the week of work and see how that goes. And that should help my mental state overall.

Yeah, we got a lot done, but still had fun this weekend. It was a good way to flip the mental switch.


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