It can’t rain all the time (can it?)

3 weeks now, starting Mother’s Day weekend, stretching into Memorial Day weekend. But the weather report seems to indicate that it might begin to lighten up for a while. And it cannot happen soon enough. Poor Kim has just been pushing herself every afternoon working on the basement. But there are some real good things happening to look forward to.

School is out for the Little Ones! This has felt like a really long school year, even though it was no different from any other one. But summer vacation is finally here for them (Jimmy has 3 days next week.) Which means I can look forward to a different morning schedule for a while. And evening schedule as well. It is all a good thing.

It’s a 3 day weekend. An official one at least. And I am ready for a little extra time off. Even if a fair amount of that time will be spent working on clean up, I am still pretty excited to have that time off.

Tomorrow is our Anniversary, which is always nice, get to look forward to a dinner out with Kim. It’s not a special number (17) but it always feels good to mark the occasion. We will also be taking the time to get a nice family photo done, which should be fun, and good to have an updated one.

Sunday we will be going up to Denver for a gathering of friends, which I am looking forward to as these are folks I don’t see nearly enough, and I am really looking forward to the chance to do some catching up. I just don’t spend enough time with these friends these days.

And Monday is a day off, I might sneak out to go see Mad Max, or we might just get some work done around the house (or both.) Just a good time for some rest and recovery.

Because the reality is these last couple of weeks have just felt like a never ending trigger. The rain, the flooding, the constant work, feeling like Sysiphus. The pent up energy that comes with the end of the school year, as the kids are so wired they are like a Jack in the Box. First Danny, then Jimmy got sick this week. I have done my best to cope, and I like to think that I have done pretty well. It has been hard. But I just kept reminding myself, it is just like the song says: It can’t rain all the time. And if I just held on I would make it.


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