I reached out, and made my day better as a result

Yeah, it has been a pretty crappy couple of weeks. The house is in disaster stage right now. The weather has been crappy. I have not been getting exercise due to the weather and resulting arthritis flare up. The kids are in such a pent up stage with school almost over.

Kim figured out an efficient method for getting water up yesterday. And with another pump coming today we should be able to better handle these deluges, at least as far as getting water out and off the carpet quickly. And we are expecting an official reports with a number of recommendations of ways to mediate the problem. But none of that takes away the fact that we have effectively lost use of the basement for a time. We even have Jimmy sleeping in the living room. And I am beginning to think that it is possible that the mold that is there, however dormant, could be behind some of his health problems (other than injuries.)

And of course all of that is a serious trigger for me, which means I have been fighting moods. Constantly going back and forth between crisis management and trying to relax, and then back to crisis is really hard. I am doing what I can to cope, keeping up with posting here, trying to get time to myself, etc. But there are times when it feels like I am hanging by a thin thread.

But I did something yesterday that got me a little out of my comfort zone, and helped me finish the day better. There is a new person at work in the cubicle next to mine. And I noticed he had a role playing themed background on his workstation desktop. So yesterday I just asked him, what games do you play? What editions? And that led to a lengthy conversation with him, and then another new guy came over and joined in. So I spent a couple of hours talking role playing. I don’t expect to get anything out of it, but it is nice to know there are some people here that I have something in common with for a change.

And I used that momentum to stay social and chat with some other people. Which kept my mind off of other things for the rest of the day, and meant that I could go home relaxed and just help Kim get things done, like picking up, getting dinner ready, and then do some mopping up.

I may be an introvert, but there are times when it is nice to open up and chat with other people about things that I enjoy. I don’t expect a set of life long friendships or anything, but it is nice to be able to share once in a while. If for no other reason than it takes my mind off all of my worries for a time.


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