A very satisfying weekend

I got a lot of things done, got in some good alone time, and had some fun. It was a good weekend. I made some very good initial progress on the basement. I enjoyed some painting time. I had a good game in Denver. It was a very satisfying weekend.

The finished bookshelf

The finished bookshelf

That was my first priority for the weekend. I needed to do something constructive. And I really got a lot done. There is still some organizing to do, but even where I am it is a very good start. I started with a premise, it was time to let go. I was raised in a house of books, by book lovers. And I became a book hoarder as a result. And also hoped to raise my children the same way. But there were 2 very major things I had to just accept, and both stem from accepting the times. First, in this era of the Cloud, and electronic publishing, I can get pretty much any book I want from the cloud and/or library. There really isn’t any reason to own a book unless it has some sentimental attachment. Second, my kids are simply not the readers that I am. For a variety of reasons, and that is not a value judgement, it just is. So keeping books around on the off chance they might pick them up and read doesn’t make much sense. And a last point, if I want to use the main room for my hobby stuff I need room.

So I enacted a serious purge. The only books that got kept were those that either had a serious emotional attachment. Or represented something. I was ruthless. It wasn’t easy, but I am very pleased with the end results. I think that when we get some of the other stuff out, and the carpet dries out, I should end up having a nice area for my hobbies.

Viper and Fang

Viper and Fang

I did some painting this weekend. I had picked up that snake figure a week ago for my Pathfinder game. And this weekend I was able to sit down and get this one done. I wan pleased with the results. And it was mentally relaxing to take some time to work on that.

That was part of how I had some fun this weekend. It wasn’t all work. I did get plenty of me time and relaxation. I painted, I gamed, I watched some shows, I played with some pictures. It was a good time. And I did get out and walk some.

Gorgeous Colorado

Gorgeous Colorado

I am done with the Spring rains. The flooding and water damage, the chill air, it is getting old. But when I went for a walk in Red Rock Canyon on Saturday morning and saw this I had to admit 2 things. First, wow did we get a lot of rain last week! It wasn’t just a fluke that the basement got so much water. There is so much water in the canyon now, where a couple of years ago this pond was nearly dried out. It is pretty staggering. Second, while the flooding and damage is a pain in the neck, when it results in views like this it is all worth while! Just some stunning shots and scenes out there.

But that does lead to a sour note. I hate my feet, specifically my toes. They need to be recalled. When I was in Middle school I fought an infected, ingrown toenail for a year and a half, making it even harder for me to overcome my natural tendency for lethargy. Now, just when I was really overcoming a life time of slug like approaches to exercise and eating, running half marathons, my toes betrayed me. Both of my big toes are arthritic, and even doing what small amount of walking I am doing now, with good shoes, I end up in serious pain.

There are other forms of exercise out there, but I really like walking and running. And those sadly are the ones that cause the most pain. I am not sure what or where to go next with this. I will talk to the doctor in a few weeks, maybe there are some things I can do, because the pain is beginning to take a toll.

But all told, foot pain aside, it was a good weekend. And I am looking forward to more, getting things done and still enjoying myself.


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