Making the best of it, finding solutions

That was an exhausting weekend. So much so that I ended up adding an extra day just to finish some stuff and then recover. The weather over the last part of the week and weekend was just crazy, and really almost unprecedented. And that caused more than a small problem as the basement was flooded multiple times. And to top that off we were hosting a Mothers Day event, so the house was full of people. It was all very trying and difficult, but we found a way to make the best of it all and ended up using it all as an impetus for a good change in the house configuration.

 We, Kim especially, have puzzled over 2 problems for a while. What to do with a room that is effectively wasted space? And is there a way to maintain better order in the basement rec room when all the kids try and share the space? Well Kim had mentioned some ideas and then this weekend came up with what is really the best solution.

We moved the kids electronics up to the dining room area temporarily for Mothers Day, just so the XBox would be available. Then Kim said why not make that permanent? Move the good table to the kitchen, since the kitchen table is falling apart, and then put that table downstairs. And also since the dining room table was effectively unused, and just ends up as a repository for stuff that people just dump when they come in the door.

So now the dining area is now officially the electronic gaming room, with a small new couch and rug. Which will also mean that the basement room can be more dedicated to other gaming. And as a result maybe easier to deal with if the room floods, and also gives more room for things like our D&D games and other stuff. Who knows, I might even get back a permanent hobby area in the bargain.

 The flooding, above is what things looked like Saturday morning, after spending Friday evening trying to carry out all the water we could. And then, after spending Saturday morning cleaning it all up, cleaning the gutters, making as many other adjustments as we could, after another torrential downpour the room ended up right back to that same state. All told I would say I spent about 12 hours working on the flooding one way or another on Saturday. And yes, Sunday morning it was all wet again. To be honest the carpet is still wet today in many places, and damp pretty much everywhere else.

It was a really tough day for me. I got lots of help, the extended family all really pitched in on Saturday. Jimmy was a great help all weekend. And poor Kim worked her tail off both days, even having to clean up the house on Mothers Day! Yeah, it was not the most fun thing we have ever done.

In the end though, we had a very good Mothers Day event. We made some very good food, that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The weather finally cooperated so people could spend time outdoors. And we all ended up making the best of it all.

And Monday Kim & I rested together, gathering our energy. And getting the new configuration done. And now we are ready to tackle the end of the school year. So we made the best of it. I could not have done so without help from all those different people. And also realizing what things I could and should do to maintain some level self care. So we are through this disaster with colors still raised high.


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