A week of affirmation, from different sources

As a parent they say your job never ends. But it does change, and that change can be great, or it can be frustrating. This week has seen both sides of that coin.

Since I see so much of myself in Danny I do worry about him. I get protective of him, since I see him trying to deal with so many of the things that have plagued me. To be honest I probably enable some of his behaviors more than I should. Anyway when we got word that his first school Spring trip would be taken without either parent along (which Jimmy did not get, we both went with him in alternate year) I worried. How would he cope? Would he do everything that was asked of him? And most importantly would he have fun? I kept bracing myself for the break down this week as he freaked out about being away from us parents for the first time. As it turned out there were no freak outs, just excitement. And today he returns and as there were no calls asking us to come get him he apparently did just fine. And that is great! Because it means that he is slowly growing, maturing, and learning to cope. And as a parent that is one of the best feelings you can have.

On the other hand there is Jimmy. The 13 year old teenager who, in his own words last night, just wants to figure stuff out on his own, and doesn’t want to ask for help. This came up as we were having a discussion about school, as we were talking about school. After I sat down with him and helped him better understand exactly what one of his teachers was looking for in an assignment. On the one hand it is good to have an independent child who wants to figure things out, on the other hand they do need to break past that and learn that it is okay to ask questions. We all have questions from time to time, things we do not understand, and it is okay to accept that and ask those questions. On the gripping hand this did all come up as I was helping him better understand something school related so some times he does realize he needs help.

As I was saying it was a week that affirmed my standing as a parent. We have done a good job preparing and getting our children ready to be independent people that can stand on their own 2 feet. But we are definitely still needed for more than just buying food and doing laundry.

It’s been a crazy weather week. Of course we did all that work last weekend on the yard, and the weather forecast for Sunday, our Mothers Day gathering, is for rain, maybe snow, definitely not nice outdoor weather! We got so much hail yesterday by my work that it was like a blizzard, there are still ‘hailbanks’ here this morning. And now this morning we are watching the flood areas. But there is no climate change… of course not.


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