Coming out of it, by falling back on some standby’s, some good, some bad

The past couple of days were not fun. My mood mirrored the weather: dark, gloomy, rainy. I was not able to control things, and then it all kind of spun out from there.But I am starting to get out of it. And just in time for a trying couple of days.

I have to be honest, I have no idea where I developed the link with food and mood, but it is there. And so yesterday I let myself go on that some, and as a result that helped. I know that isn’t physically healthy. Turning to junk food when I’m depressed is not a good long term solution, especially when I am depressed over my inability to exert greater control over my eating. That is a real conundrum.

I also fell back on another standby, I spent some time making up a new role playing character. And that helped too. That is another good alternative, and it is funny to me at least how that has become one of my go to options when my mind needs a little perking up. I mean when I was in Graduate school finding a regular role playing game made a huge emotional difference (and got me out of the bars.)

Either way those two things have combined to get me out of my funk. Which is good, because the next couple of days will be a challenge in the household. Danny is gone for 3 days, 2 nights, on a school sleep away camp. I am very proud how together he seems about it, and excited, because I know that isn’t the easiest thing for him. But that means that Emily will be without her partner in crime for 2 days. And I know that is going to be a challenge for her. Which means she will be a challenge for us.

Still it feels like things are better now, that I can handle the challenge of the next 2 days. Even if it meant falling back on some not so healthy habits to help break me out of the fog.


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