That was exhausting, but worth it

I haven’t felt like this in a long while. A Monday where my body is tired and sore, but my mind is clear and happy. I got in my desired walking miles, and now relearning some lessons. But we made some real progress, and had some fun as a family as well.

We worked hard yesterday. And my body is letting me know about it. But it was very much worth it. We got the back yard especially back in control, filling up several bags with dog crap, leaves, trash etc. Really got things back to a decent base line for the rest of the summer, should make weekly chores easier for the kids. We couldn’t really dispose of things that we wanted to, don’t have a way to transport it all. But at least it looks nicer and we have a way to gradually dispose of most of it. It fel really good to get all of that done, makes the soreness well worth it.

I got in my desired walking miles over the weekend, and was good about my eating for the most part. So that was all a success. I have to relearn the patience of waiting for the process to take hold. And changing up my eating habits so if I do have a big meal, eat it earlier in the day.

Had a family outing on Saturday, went and saw the Avengers movie. It was very good, I just really enjoy these movies. And now Jimmy is obsessed with learning more about the Marvel Comic Universe. I had to refer him to the Wiki and to read the comics themselves. And then remind him that the movies don’t always adapt what is in books faithfully.

All in all a very good weekend. Physically exhausting, but mentally and emotionally very satisfying. It always feels good to get much needed work done. I am hoping this is a sign of future weekends to come, get out and about, get things done, and challenge myself a little.


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