A weekend for me

This was exactly the kind of weekend I need from time to time. The kids had a 3 day weekend, which meant I let them do some sleepovers.Plus Danny and Kim were gone Saturday pretty much all day and night. And last I had my Denver game on Sunday so I was off doing that on Sunday. It all added up to my getting a lot of time to myself, or doing stuff for me. And that was just what the doctor ordered. Really refreshed my mental batteries.

Danny also had a good weekend. He got his desired sleepover Thursday night, which meant lots of time with friends. Then he got some time with Mom, and by all accounts had a good time camping out with the Scouts. And then he got some quiet time on Sunday.

I intentionally let Jimmy really go this weekend. I told him Thursday night that I really only needed him around the house Friday while Mom was at work, and then Sunday when I left (which it turned out was not necessary.) So he had a friend over Friday and Saturday nights, got to have his late nights and sleeping in that he didn’t get over Spring Break. And I think that really helped him in the long run.

Emily was a bit of a challenge on Saturday once Kim & Danny left. Because she had no one to play with until late afternoon, so she got a little bored. Kept wanting me to do stuff, which I wasn’t really in the mood for. It is a real challenge to be an introvert with an extrovert child, let me tell you.

And it is a good thing I enjoyed that time this weekend because Kim was listing projects around the house that need to be done soon. So for the next couple of weekends that is on my plate. Which I don’t mind really, so long as I know about it in advance and can mentally prepare.

For now, this weekend was about things I wanted to do to pass the time. I caught up on some recorded shows. Watched Daredevil. Painted some miniatures. I did some work with Danny’s science fair project. And I did my part to get the house picked or at least keep it that way. And of course had fun with my Denver game.

Yep, it was a good weekend for all. Now we have 5 weeks left in the school year. This week we finish science fair and Pinewood derby, 2 big projects. And then the light at the end of the tunnel will really begin to shine bright.


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