Productive, but at a relaxed pace

We actually got a lot done this weekend. Almost finished the kids cars for Pinewood. Began the process for a science fair project. The usual cleaning and picking up, doing laundry. Filed taxes, prepared taxes. But we did it all at a relaxed pace, not obsessively rushing to get it all done, and made plenty of time for recreation time for everyone. It is funny how just the gradually improving weather can make such a difference mentally (along with the return to health for the family.)

This is the time of year that can very easily overwhelm everyone. As we try to get the year end projects done. Kim even made up a list of all the things we needed to get done. But while that looked overwhelming it really wasn’t once we broke it down and got started. I tackled the always annoying process of finishing the Pinewood Derby cars. I think I did what I needed to make Danny’s car more competitive this year, but cannot be sure. We took the time to get the supplies and decided on what Danny will do for the end of year Science Fair project.

The kids were actually pretty helpful when it was time to get the house picked up. I think I have come up with a trick for getting the little ones to do their part but not feel overwhelmed. Instead of just pointing to a general area and saying ‘clean the living room’ I instead will just give them very specific jobs, ‘pick up items X and take them where the belong then come back to me.’ It also helped to have Jimmy back to full health and therefore able and willing to do his part to get things done. That was especially nice.

But in spite of doing all that, including the added chore of dealing with taxes, we were able to move at a relaxed pace. Since nothing really had a time deadline over the weekend we were able to just get it done without the usual frantic rush to get things done.

And we were able to get in some fun time. I was able to paint some. I had my game with the boys on Sunday. I got through about half of Daredevil. And then enjoyed Game of Thrones and Mad Men. And I got myself up and out of bed for some walks (mixed with running) both days.

We packed a lot of things into the weekend, but it never felt like we were tackling some huge project or were in a rush. And that is when life is good, when you can have fun, but also get things done. And in a perfect world even have some fun while getting those things done!


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