Sometimes you just can’t win

When you have kids there will be times when you make a decision and it won’t be popular. And when you have a kid who is so much like yourself it is even harder. Because you know exactly how that feels, when you have your mind set on something, and in your head you have made plans and the anticipation is there, and then it falls through. But as a parent you have to accept that sometimes you just can’t win. That no matter how logical you are, how many arguments you have in your favor, when your child has that bit in their teeth you just have to sigh, and deal with it.

Last weekend after the sleepover and then swimming Danny and Emily were especially tired and grumpy. We told them then that it was time for a break from sleepovers, that they would have to skip at least 1 week. About midweek Danny got it in his head that we had forgotten that or didn’t mean it. And since then every day has been a continual ask, get told no, then pout cycle. And that is no fun, for any of us. But I have to deal with it, let him go through that, and accept that I won’t win, he will not be happy with our decision. It’s a parenting thing.

On other news, we have a free weekend! I have the boys D&D game Sunday, but no massive family gatherings. No events to deal with. So I will probably spend a fair amount of time painting, and binge watching Daredevil. I’m pretty excited. I am sure that something else will happen, some cleaning, laundry etc. The usual weekend stuff, but not the frenzy of the last few weeks, for which I am thankful.

An odd thing happened last night, I got home and Kim said that Jimmy was down at the Magic store. Turns out that some of his other buddies from school had taken the game up so he has been caught back up. Since this is a different group of buddies this time around he is kind of excited about it. And I am glad for him, it is good to extend the circle of friends when you can, and it is a fun game to play, so long as you avoid the cycle of trying to acquire the best deck money can buy.

I finally got a hold of my buddy yesterday. It was a good chat, lots of catching up. The improved my mood a lot, just good to know that it was just a matter of timing, not some odd hidden grudge or something.

That’s all I have today, not a lot of earth shaking thoughts or changes to report on.


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