I miss you buddy

I met my friend nearly 30 years ago. I had just returned home from Mississippi and Graduate school. I went looking for a Friendly Local Game Store, and more specifically a role playing group to join. The owner referred me to another employee who worked evenings. I introduced myself, and eventually we started role playing together. And from there a great friendship bloomed.

We had our rough patches, like any good friends do. I still don’t think he has forgotten the great gang up, when a massive game of space battles turned into everyone ganging up on him, including me (the one person he thought he could trust.) But we moved on, through many a night of games, drinks, long conversations. When I got married I asked him to perform the ceremony, which he did excellently. When he got married I ended up performing the ceremony for him (as a last moment decision.)

We were the core of a role playing group that played together for over a decade. We learned a lot of games together. He taught me some of the basics of painting when I first started out. He put up with my quirks when it came to gaming over the years. My obsessive character planning, rules lawyer-ing, terrible table top tactics, attempts at painting. We argued politics, social mores, sports, everything under the sun. He is probably my oldest gaming friend.

A couple of years ago, when I turned away from gaming for a variety of reasons, we stopped spending as much time together. I saw him occasionally and caught up when I was playing in the Blood Bowl league. But I thought I could always count on being able to get together, and just catch up. Well this has not proven to be true. When he left work, his contact has disappeared. I don’t spend much time at the FLGS, game nights are just not my thing. And my attempts to call and e-mail to his personal e-mail have fallen into the nether.

I know he is alive. But I just cannot get into contact with him. True, I could try to make arrangements to just drive over to his house, but I think that would be uncomfortable for both of us. You would think that taking the time to answer an e-mail or answer a phone call, even if it is just to say ‘hey I’m alive, why don’t we meet somewhere?’ would be simple, but it apparently is beyond him.

So I am writing this long post, on the off chance that he reads it, or someone in contact with him does, and gets the message across. I miss you buddy. There is so much going on in my life at the moment that I would like to share with you. The stories of running a role playing game, or learning a new game. Or picking up a brush and painting again. So if you do read this, take 5 minutes and drop me a line, I will make the time to meet if you prefer that.


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