Resurfacing from an active, fun, productive extended weekend

The 3 day weekend is done, Spring Break has begun for the kids, and had an enjoyable time. Got some needed things done. I had a good time on my trip to Denver. And the first round of the April birthdays went well.

The first weekend of Spring Break was a fun one for the kids, even if it wasn’t everything that all the kids would have wanted. The little ones stayed at a friends house Friday night, Jimmy had a friend stay over Saturday night. There were multiple visits from friends at the house and to other houses. I would say that it was fun for them, now they get 3 days without parental ‘supervision’ during the day. Danny wished he could have done more sleepovers, and was a little disappointed by that, but overall he accepted what happened.

We got some things done. Kim had to have her battery replaced, so we were down to 1 car most of the weekend. But at least it was only the battery, and not something harder to fix (and more expensive.) Kim and I did some cleaning separately, and got the laundry all caught up and put away. The kids got their rooms picked up, not necessarily a thorough deep ‘Spring Cleaning’ but enough to keep the house from looking so bad. We got the kids to the eye Doctor for their yearly checkups, only Danny needs glasses and he does need a slightly stronger prescription.

There were a couple of birthday events for my nephew, which went well. I had a good time playing ball with the kids at the park for the first one. And the rest of the family had a good time playing miniature golf for the other event. Happy Birthday BamBam!

I enjoyed the game up in Denver. I got the alone time for the drive up and back, which is always good therapy for me. I enjoy driving alone, and distance does not sway me. And the game went very well, even if it was entirely devoted to just 1 fight. Now I should be back to the once a month schedule for that game, which is about right, I enjoy playing, but every 2 weeks is probably too much, and puts a strain on family if I am always gone on Kim’s days off.

I did manage to squeeze in a run on Saturday. But I realized that all the time off and irregular schedules have done their damage, so I will have to readjust the schedule. But I am still trying to get something done on that front.

Overall, everything is good. I am gradually accepting my life for what it is. Arranging things that I need to arrange to keep myself sane. Yeah, I would like to be in better shape, but my primary focus is on inner health at the moment, and I am almost at the point where I can take that focus and apply it to the other aspects of my life. Start to incorporate the body part of Mind, Body and Spirit.


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