Turning the little things around #mentalhealth

I have written before about how I am (slowly) learning to let the little disruptions in life pass me by, roll with the punches as it were. If I sleep in a little, or a kid is sick, or there is a change in plans, don’t let that disrupt my inner being. Well today I want to talk about how I have begun to focus on changing little things, little things that make me feel better just bey doing them.

A couple of weeks ago I got fed up with how I looked. The scraggly unshaven look, the crazy, fly away thin hair. So I made a decision to commit to some small things. Cut my own hair short, and have a plan to just keep it that way, to be honest my hair is so thin now that it really doesn’t make that much of a difference in terms of keeping my head warm when it is cold, I have to wear a hat either way. Then I decided that it was time to just start shaving every day. Not for any real reason other than I just feel better clean shaven.

A few weeks ago I was looking to make lunch in the morning and there were no leftovers, so I made a sandwich. And decided that was a good solution and choice. The thing is Jimmy now eats so much that we rarely have a lot of leftovers anyway. Plus it is healthier for me to just have a sandwich and chips than a big meal of leftovers for lunch. So that is another little thing I have done: change what I am bringing to lunch. Not only is it healthier, but it also means I don’t stress as much about whether or not Jimmy leaves us any leftovers. And I also don’t get as bored with feeling like I am eating the same thing for every meal.

I have a Soda problem, there I admitted it, and admitting it is the first step (I know it is not on the same level as other things, but the verbiage does apply.) I know that I need to drink less soda. But I am so entrenched in the habit of drinking a Coke Zero to start my day that it will take some work to change. But over the last few weeks I have been changing that on work days, getting a cup of coffee instead, then having a soda later. That is becoming a habit, and feels a little better. And this week I have been trying to gradually replace the late in the morning/afternoon soda with water or ice tea. I know I will feel better if I can commit to this change long term.

Again, these are all little things. But just like a little disruption can throw me off, if I focus on it, a little change can make a difference too. It feels good to start each day clean shaven and presentable, and it feels better to have the small cup of coffee instead of the big soda. Plus, and this is big, these are all little things that I can be solely in control of, which helps my OCD, giving me some small feeling of control over something that is easy to control.


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