Definitely not a calm weekend plan

If it’s not one thing it’s another this weekend. On top of that the kids just cannot wait for Spring Break. And I found something new that I want to try with Danny. In the end it all remains to be seen how sane I am by Sunday night.

Friday night is the BV Spring Dance. Which means the little ones will be doing some choreographed dance events. I will be forced to cope with a crowd. And Kim will be helping out wherever she can. And I will be thankful that it is a Friday night so when we go home I can have sufficient time to unwind and recover. Of course that also means no sleepovers or unusual sleeping arrangements for the kids.

Saturday evening is the Wrestling Club banquet/swimming party. That means a crowd, but I will be swimming so I won’t have to be as social as normal because I can just focus on playing with the kids in the water (something I always enjoy.) But that also means another semi-late night and again no sleepovers. Before that I will be trying to get some needed cleaning and laundry done around the house on Saturday.

Sunday morning the little ones will be doing Scout selling events (cookies/Camp Cards) at the grocery store. Which I will be a part of because both kids need supervision. And then Sunday afternoon is D & D with the boys. Which I am looking forward to as it will be the end of a quest, and a bridge point for them. But still another social event, and makes for a busy day overall, meaning I will be wiped by the end of the day.

Whew, I am tired just writing all that up! But on the flip side the weather should be nice, and during the times that we are home there should be plenty of chances to get the kids out of the house.It is nice to have the weather finally changing, but it does mean the kids are ready for a break. Danny especially is really ready for Spring Break, he has even informed that the first night of Break he will be over at a friends house.

I was reading a blog today on a role playing site and read about the old Fantasy Fight book adventures. I never really got into these myself, I think it was a timing thing. The idea was that there was a story, and you start by creating a very basic character, and then as you read you make choices that then jump you to different places in the story. I probably would have really enjoyed those when I was younger, but they were not available until after I had ‘outgrown’ them. But the big thing is that they have some of these available as tablet Apps. So I bought some for my iPad, and will try to find some time with Danny to sit down and show them to him. Because this is something I think he would really enjoy if I can get him into it.

Yeah, it’s going to be one of those weekends. But at least I know it going in, and can mentally brace myself. And Kim will be there for all the events to provide her own support, it’s not like I have to handle it all alone, which is nice.


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