Fighting off the tides of disruption

Thought I would be clever and nice by changing my Alarm tone. Nice to Kim so it would not wake her on my running days. Turns out that I chose an alarm tone that was too soft and mellow, and as a result I just slept through it. Which caused me to wake up late. But I was able to get up, shower, get little ones fed, made lunches, and then to school on time. Even had time to pick up the kitchen a little because I chose to pick up breakfast instead. That’s right, my morning routine was disrupted, and rather than panic and let it get to me I just worked it out, adapted, and overcame the problem.

Then this morning my music at work just would not work. I went through a number of iPad restarts, and it just would not work. I have been having problems with it lately not showing storage correctly, and had downloaded the updated iOS last night, so I was afraid that I had totally screwed things up. But then I took a minute to check twitter, and lo and behold it is an Apple issue. Then I remembered that I still have Pandora, so I was able to turn to that for the morning, and use that as my alternative music source for the day. Again, not letting the external disruption get to my head and throw me off.

And yesterday I had contacted Costco to order new contacts, only to be told it was time for a new prescription. Which meant time to try and get an eye appointment. And initially I was told that the earliest appointment was 2 weeks out (I don’t have enough contacts to last that long.) But there was a cancellation that day if I could get in. Which meant that I used up my lunch hour for that purpose. But I got it done, and did not let the rest of my day go down the tubes just because I didn’t have my regular lunch time.

Of course all of those were just minor things, with obvious, simple solutions. But the late wake up especially was something that would have thrown me into an angry mess the rest of the day a year ago. I need that reminder from time to time that I am making progress. Even if it is a continuing issue, not so much a battle as an internal skirmish I fight each day, to keep these disruptions from affecting my overall mood. But I do owe myself a pat on the back for having handled these better. Yay, Go Me!


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