Managing the highs and lows better

This was an oddball weekend. Lot’s of highs, some lows, and had more than a little trouble managing it. Jimmy had a good tournament, probably the best one he has had. I then had an odd day, reflective of my not being sure how to manage my time and mental state better. And today is a mildly painful return to my hoped for routine.

Jimmy had a very good tournament. His first match was against one of his nemeses, a really good young kid who has just owned Jimmy. When we got the bracket we were more than a little worried. But Jimmy held his own, refused to allow a pin. He still lost 15-0, but he wrestled his heart out, and really fought. And that carried over into his second match. He again wrestled very well, finally active and aggressive, and got the pin. His last match he was probably a little over aggressive, getting himself into trouble, so he lost, but was still very aggressive, and did not get pinned. Overall it was probably his best tournament top to bottom in terms of effort, execution and effort. He is really starting to put things together.

On the other hand from our perspective it was a very poorly put together tournament. We were told to be there by 3, but his age group did not start wrestling until 5:30. And he did not get his first match until 6:30. Which meant a lot of sitting around in a very crowded place, which is definitely not my idea of fun. But I handled it as best I could, but I was still exhausted by the time I got home.

Sunday I had some plans, but none of them worked out. First, I could just not bring myself to get out and run, that has become a real problem lately, not sure how to get myself back into that frame of mind and practice. Second, I was going to get some new tires put on my car, but Costco did not have them in stock, so that was a wash. And then the rest of the day I was pretty much off kilter, almost manic then depressive. I really cannot wait until the arrival of warmer weather again so I won’t feel as cooped up in the house with the kids.

But today is a Monday, and despite Emily not feeling well and staying home it is pretty much back to the routine. After last weeks erratic wake up times, illnesses, snow days, this week should be much better. Closer to the normal routine. And that should help with my mental state, returning to a better routine.


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