Situation normal: back to routine

Wow, what a crazy week! Sickness plaguing most of the family, more snow than I can remember in years, plus multiple kid events. Everything was off kilter. And my mental state matched that. But as of this morning it appears that things are returning to ‘normal’. That is if you can call yet another weather related 2 hour delay normal. All of this just in time for the final craziness of the winter.

The snow started last weekend, and it has not really stopped since then. Wednesday morning was clear for a time, but really it has been a unusually snowy week. Here in what is technically high desert we are used to stretches of cold, but not this amount of precipitation. March is definitely coming in like a lion this year! So there will be 1 day this week with no weather related delays for the kids. Which is definitely unusual. So that has made the morning more than a little crazy.

And like I predicted Wednesday night I got a couple of curve balls yesterday. First, I woke up around 4 with stomach pain, which I was eventually able to determine was a case of a my diverticulosis acting up, but wasn’t sure initially. Interestingly I had not had an attack like that in such a long time I wasn’t sure what it was. And I am sure it was a couple of things. Eating habits (although I really haven’t been that bad), the bad cold resulting in 2 nights of Nyquil (which does have some digestive effects for me), and I am sure stress from Wednesday. It eventually worked itself out, although I am still not 100%. Second, Kim’s car wouldn’t start, one of the car doors was not quite closed Wednesday night, so she had to walk to work and I couldn’t really drive anywhere (even if I was up to it physically.) But unlike Wednesday, Jimmy was able to go to school, so only Danny was out, and I didn’t try to work, instead I just focused on relaxing my body. And I laid off Danny, which kept him more relaxed as well.

All of this just in time for Jimmy to wrestle in State (club.) Which will pretty much mean a full day up in Castle Rock. That will wipe out Saturday. But Sunday should be a day of recovery again, and hopefully life will slowly return to the routine next week.

I was pondering the stomach/intestine issue and think it could very well have been at least partially stress related this time around. I mean there is a genuine medical issue, but my diet hasn’t been all that terrible recently, at least as far as the fiber content stuff. And I haven’t had a blockage like this in almost 2 years. So I am sure it was just all the stress, combined with a lack of activity. Which gives me some clear direction: keep working on getting the running going (which has been okay given weather and health related issues.) And keep working on handling and minimizing stress issues.


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