Today was just one of those days, and tomorrow could be one too

Here I am laying in bed, waiting for the NyQuil to do it’s thing and all I can do is think about the day. It wasn’t overly busy, or exceptionally social. But here I am drained and dazed anyway. And I’ve got to get this off my chest now, just to get to sleep. 

It began as what seemed like the first ‘normal’ day of the week. I got up on time, showered, began getting the kids ready. Then Danny complained about not feeling good, and he seemed to have a slight fever. Well last night I made a point to bring my laptop home from work, just in case. So I figured, no biggie, I’ll just work from home and let Danny stay home. That way he could get what for him is a boring day: no Kindle or Internet. 

When I took Jimmy to school all he could do was complain. But I wanted him to get in, turn in assignments etc and if his teachers sent him home then it was on them. He almost made it 2 hours before I had to go get him. Which meant I was home but with 2 sick kids. And trying to work, but while it has advantages, working from home is not for me, just out of the comfort zone. 

Then I cut the day short to take Jimmy to the Doctor (still just a sinus infection, just really stubborn and we have more aggressive treatment now.) While I did that Kim and the kids were readying for the Cub Scout banquet, and left before I got done with doctor and store for medicine. 

So I got home and was going to settle in when I had to go drop a forgotten item for Kim. This was the first of 3 such errands: getting Danny, running extra plastic ware. I just never got much of a solid stretch of comfort time. 

What does all this mean? Total disruption: kids sick, working in a different environment, disruptive schedule. And for an obsessive person like me that is all just really hard to handle. I got through it all, no panic attacks or fits of anger. And tomorrow could be very similar due to weather (kids are already on 2 hour delay.) I will muddle through, try to cope, but don’t be surprised by another long winded post. Because I can feel the mental crap draining away as I write. 


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