More than just coping, having fun

This was a chaotic week. First it was a short week as we all had Monday off. Then I knew I was going to take Thursday off to help Mom with a Doctor appointment. Then Jimmy was hit with a terrible sinus infection that had me take the morning off on Tuesday and his being out of school for 3 days. But instead of just gripping my teeth and hanging on as everything got crazy I found some ways and places to have fun.

Short weeks always feel long anyway, as people try to get all their work done in a shortened amount of time. And then to have that compounded by extra time off to deal with family issues made that time even shorter. Fortunately I work in a job where there aren’t really any long term projects or deadlines, instead I work when I am there, but don’t have to spend my time in the office trying to catch up from time off.

Poor Jimmy finally returned to school today as his sinuses finally broke up and he was able to breathe. His throat still hurts and he is definitely not 100%. But he is back and should be able to make up all that missed time pretty quickly. We had a couple of bonding moments when I helped him do some sinus rinses, which are not fun, but necessary. But this morning he was definitely closer back to normal and had more energy.

Mom had some eye surgery yesterday, I took the day off in advance to drive her and pick her up. Turned out it was a good thing, because what should have been an hour long appointment ended up taking 2 and a half hours, due to circumstances beyond their control. I was able to pass the time but it was definitely good that I wasn’t trying to get into the office at any set time.

I am really pleased that in the face of all of that, when in the past I would definitely have had several moments of craziness and anger, I held up. I knew that Jimmy’s illness wasn’t his fault, he did what he could to get better, it just took time. The eye doctor was just delayed, that is all. But I did my thing, read my books, got back to running (after taking a week off to recover from my own sore throat), got some laundry done. Just focused on what I could do and did my best to not focus on what other people were doing.

It was funny that last night on Big Bang Theory one of the main characters, a classic OCD type, was asked/told to just let a perceived slight go. And while they found some ways to have fun with it they did sort of point out that it is just not that easy for the character. And I have a lot of sympathy for that, because I often feel the same way, It just isn’t that easy for me to let things go and move on. So when I get a week like this, when the only way to survive is to do just that, I can feel good that I was able to do that.


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