A long, alternately busy, fun, relaxing, busy weekend

Had a 3 day weekend, which was nice. We sure did a lot in those 3 days, even if it didn’t feel like it. But we also had fun, enjoyed ourselves, even getting out of my comfort zone. And we started making plans for what is next, after the craziness of the next week and end of the wrestling season. And also got some needed things done as well.

Jimmy survived his last regular tournament of the season, finishing Fourth overall. He continues to thrive and make improvements every week. And this despite suffering from what we now know is a serious sinus infection. He is going to miss out on some practice time this week getting healthy, but he should be ready for State in 2 weeks. But he is definitely for a break from actual wrestling, although he is ready to undertake some real conditioning work, with some planned fitness goals to reach by the end of Summer.

Kim and I took advantage of having the little ones gone for the night and went up to Cripple Creek for the evening. It meant a long late night for me. And I had fun, despite it being outside of my personal comfort zone. I’m not saying I will be going up there again soon, it does tend to bore me and the crowds definitely wear me out. But it was a nice change for a date night from the usual dinner and maybe movie.

Sunday was a day of rest and mostly recovery from the late nights for everyone. We didn’t try to do much, and mostly just relaxed. Kim especially got some needed rest. It wasn’t planned that way, but it worked out and I think everyone needed the day off.

I did run D&D Sunday for the boys. The session went very well, smooth and productive. The boys had a good time. And I did challenge them, even if it didn’t feel like it to some extent. They are all slowly getting into their characters at this stage and enjoying what is going on. And slowly getting into the story I am weaving.

Monday was the productive day. But without the usual pressure those days sometimes feel like for me. We got the basement play room picked back up again. Got laundry done. Created Danny’s costume for his school play next week. We replaced one of the troublesome basement light fixtures, giving the room more light and less of a dungeon feel. It was a good day, actually kind of fun in a way, considering it was a snow day and some of us were not feeling well.

All in all it was a good weekend. With just the right mix of busy, relaxed, fun and productive. And for the most part we are recharged and ready for another push to the end of a season.


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