The weekend matched the weather: sunny and nice

It didn’t seem like it would be a good weekend when Emily woke up with a fever and bad cold Friday, enough for me to keep her home. And there was a list of things to do: wrestling for Jimmy, a big project for Danny, Girl Scout cookies for Emily. So I was a little worried. But it all worked out.

Jimmy’s wrestling went well. He moved to a different weight group, and possibly a different class. And he finally got himself a win! By points, in a hard fought match that he dominated for the most part. He got pinned in his other matches but they were all really close, with his not giving away points. So in the end he placed third, which was definitely respectable. And technically it was probably his best tournament of the season, maybe the time off helped a little. Either way that helped bolster his confidence a little, and he should be feeling a little more ready for State in 3 weeks.

Emily was feeling better by Friday afternoon and was fine the rest of the weekend, so no worse for wear there. And by Sunday she was able to get out and walk the neighborhood selling her Girl Scout cookies. Yes, it is that time of year, when we carry the cookies everywhere. and push them like crack dealers (only the first one is not free.) This year she has a web site where those who are out of state can order cookies from her:

Emily Girl Scout cookie orders

We tackled Danny’s project over the weekend. He had to build a Cherokee winter and summer house and be prepared to present it. While Kim got it started with the basic construction on Saturday I turned to on Sunday with typing up the presentation and completed the rest of the diorama. Which was actually fun for me, getting to use the tools and skills I used to use when building terrain for table top gaming. Danny was kind of surprised at how I was able to get it all done. And it was also fun for me to work with him on something, normally Kim is such a perfectionist that when she takes on these projects she just takes over. But for once she went hands off and let me do it my way.

It was definitely daunting to face all of that work at the beginning of the weekend. But we got it all done. And I still got in my runs, and otherwise enjoyed the nice weather. So yeah, it all worked out, and was nice outside to match the rest of the weekend tenor.


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