Regular life can now resume

Football is officially over for the season. Jimmy is out of his splint and welcome to return to regular activities. We picked up a new stove. I got in my scheduled running. I think (but not counting on it) that regular life can now resume.

I watched approximately 3 plays of the Super Bowl. I just wasn’t that interested, and am more than ready to move on from the football season. There are just so many other things to do with my weekends. I tuned in to watch the half time show with Emily (a big Katy Perry fan) but otherwise I just checked in on the score from time to time on my iPad. It felt strangely freeing to just not give a damn. So I miss out on a Monday morning conversation topic, big deal.

Jimmy saw the doctor today for the follow up on his sprain, and she cleared him for regular activities. He plans to resume practice Tuesday night and wrestle this weekend. Which means a few more weeks of that, but we are used to the evening practice routine and weekend tournaments so that doesn’t affect our schedules nearly as much.

We found a discounted stove on Saturday, has some cosmetic damage that will be covered up by the counter, so no big deal. It is a nice ceramic top, and works like a charm. The oven even holds heat so well it threw me off, had me thinking it was still on! So we can resume some normal meal making this week.

I was able to get out and get my runs in, and they both went well. And now it is time to start back into the meal tracking habit. Not focusing so much on reducing right now as just developing the habit of tracking, even though that alone will probably get me more conscious about my eating.

I ran the boys through the D&D game this weekend. It went very well, the boys were very well behaved and focused. And went through my poor monsters like a hot knife through butter. So next week I can feel free to jack up the intensity of the games. And get excited for the boys as they get more into their characters, thinking about what they can do, bragging about how much damage they can do etc.

And the purpose of this blog really helps. Having this outlet helped me get through a rough patch last week, but just having a place to unload and really get things off my chest really helps. It makes a difference, and it makes me feel glad that other people pay attention and reach out when I post the negative stuff.


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